Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family Trip to Virginia Beach

We chose Virginia Beach as the place for our very first formal family vacation. We were met with a few disasters and unfortunately we didn't get to do all of the fun things we had planned but we did leave with some wonderful memories. Here are just a few of our favorites...

-It was the middle of the night in the blasted humid Virginia heat...Carter is crying and very passionately says...."I don't like the air coming out of this world." Drew and I busted up laughing for about 15 minutes straight. 3 year old's really know how to say things the right way, don't they!

-Taylor was bathed each day in a little tub on top of the picnic table. It was adorable!

-The look on Carter's face when he saw the ocean for the first time was priceless (actually it is his second time but he doesn't remember the Oregon coast from 2 years ago). In his eyes I saw wonderment and awe. He got wet as soon as he could! The waves made him a little timid. Actually, he spent most of the time either playing in the sand or running from the waves coming in. He was comfortable standing on his own with water up to his thighs. He did let Drew and I take him out a little deeper to jump in the waves though. He closed his eyes when the "big waves" were coming.

-Tay LOVED the ocean. She wanted to be in the water all the time. In fact, she would get furious with us when we picked her up before the waves knocked her over. As soon as the water would recede, her little arms would reach for the sand and she would whine for us to put her down. There were a couple of waves that we underestimated and although we picked her up, her face still got splashed. She didn't care, she wanted more!

-Walks in the evening...especially on the board walk. Boats passing by, lots of families and kids, live bands playing, and ICE CREAM. Besides actually getting in the water, this was our second favorite activity of the trip.

-Watching the fighter jets from Langley AFB fly over the beach. Although they were loud, Carter thought they were pretty cool.

-The ocean was soooo warm!


Melissa H said...

Good for you! I loved our first family vacation, except I had a hotel room--I am not as brave as you guys! It definitely looks like an annual event in the making.

ej said...

Is that where the jets were coming from?! When we were there I would finally get Aly asleep and one would go tearing by...grrr! Cool when not sleeping :) love the action shot of Carter on the beach- looks like such a fun time!!!!

Grandma Rhonda said...

It looks like you had so much fun. I wish I could have been a little birdie watching all of the activity. I agree with Carter and the water. I RUN TOO!!!