Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Drew!

Just a quick happy birthday to the love of my life! Thank you for all you do for us as a family!Carter, Tay, & I hope you enjoy your day and the baseball game tonight! It was fun to celebrate your birthday with Kirk's on Wednesday too! We hope that all of your birthday wishes come true.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

One of those weeks...

This week was one of those weeks that I don't really want to remember... and it is not even over yet! I seriously don't know how so many of you have time to these cutesy little projects for your families...some of you even sell them! And forget scrapbooking...I am just doing my best to take pictures! I think I would feel like a super hero if I could just get my laundry done each day.

Oh goodness, I just need a nap. Carter and Tay finally fell asleep around 2:15 pm and luckily I have been able do some cleaning while they nap. Please humor me while I do a public growl...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Thanks, I needed that. Ok, I better get busy before my feisty little cubs wake up.

Our Anniversary Date

I asked Drew to surprise me this year and plan a fun anniversary date. He surprised me with a trip to Old Town Alexandria which is about an hour from our house. We did a little window shopping and popped into some cute little stores. One of which was this really cool Christmas store- very whimsical and interesting. I also purchased a bag of yummy locally made, old fashion lemon drops at a little boutique all about Virginia -delicious! After walking around for a while, it was time for our dinner reservations! Drew surprised me with a dinner cruise up the Potomac. It was awesome! We had a yummy 5 course meal and as the sun went down, all of the National Monuments were lit up. After we ate, Drew and I went up on top of the boat... old classics were playing. We danced and reminisced about the last six years together. It was magical! The weather was beautiful and cool and it was fun to see the D.C. sights from the water.

Here is a picture taken via cell phone (sorry, it is kind of fuzzy & the sun was right in our eyes) of us on the pier before we departed. Thank you Drew for a special night!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome Home, Kirk!

I'd just like to give a hardy Welcome Home! to my brother Kirk. He got home today from his mission to California, and we couldn't be prouder of him. It was neat to be able to meet him at the airport and then head over to the stake center to watch him be released by Dad. I could tell he had a lot of really neat experiences just by the look in his eyes. He has that sparkle; that glow. I can't wait to hear all his stories. It makes me want to be back in Hungary. Unfortunately, he's only going to be in town for about six days before he heads out to Provo, so we'll have to enjoy him as much as we can while we have some time with him. Raw-b, take good care of this guy in P-town.

P.S. And also a big Happy Birthday! to you, Kirk (tomorrow).

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us

Today is our 6th anniversary. Hurray for us! I am so grateful to be married
to such a kind and good hearted man (not to mention a great smoocher!).
Drew, you are wonderful!! Happy anniversary to us!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family Trip to Virginia Beach

We chose Virginia Beach as the place for our very first formal family vacation. We were met with a few disasters and unfortunately we didn't get to do all of the fun things we had planned but we did leave with some wonderful memories. Here are just a few of our favorites...

-It was the middle of the night in the blasted humid Virginia heat...Carter is crying and very passionately says...."I don't like the air coming out of this world." Drew and I busted up laughing for about 15 minutes straight. 3 year old's really know how to say things the right way, don't they!

-Taylor was bathed each day in a little tub on top of the picnic table. It was adorable!

-The look on Carter's face when he saw the ocean for the first time was priceless (actually it is his second time but he doesn't remember the Oregon coast from 2 years ago). In his eyes I saw wonderment and awe. He got wet as soon as he could! The waves made him a little timid. Actually, he spent most of the time either playing in the sand or running from the waves coming in. He was comfortable standing on his own with water up to his thighs. He did let Drew and I take him out a little deeper to jump in the waves though. He closed his eyes when the "big waves" were coming.

-Tay LOVED the ocean. She wanted to be in the water all the time. In fact, she would get furious with us when we picked her up before the waves knocked her over. As soon as the water would recede, her little arms would reach for the sand and she would whine for us to put her down. There were a couple of waves that we underestimated and although we picked her up, her face still got splashed. She didn't care, she wanted more!

-Walks in the evening...especially on the board walk. Boats passing by, lots of families and kids, live bands playing, and ICE CREAM. Besides actually getting in the water, this was our second favorite activity of the trip.

-Watching the fighter jets from Langley AFB fly over the beach. Although they were loud, Carter thought they were pretty cool.

-The ocean was soooo warm!

Brotherly Love

Wow, so we just got back from spending a few days in VA Beach, and I'm sure Corinne will post all about it pretty soon, but I have to share this one little tidbit while I'm thinking about it.

So we're on our way back home, and as is inevitable with all long car rides and family vacations, someone got cranky. This time it was Tay. She had just had enough, I suppose, and she started screaming her little head off. So we tried all the usual distractors to get her to calm down without having to actually stop the car, but nothing really worked. Then, all of the sudden, I looked back, and there was Carter trying a brand new technique all of his own. I'm not sure what he calls it, but I think he should capitalize on it. Can't you see it screened onto lunch boxes and t-shirts all around the country?

Monday, August 06, 2007

My Boys

I would call them cute but Drew would probably correct me...
"ruggedy hansome!"

Our Little Diva

Taylor is such a funny baby. Last night she was wearing her
sunny glasses (as Carter calls them) and dancing in her pajamas.
She also took 10 steps last night- the record!
She only went about 2 feet steps for sure!

Boise Trip: Carter & Skittles

Grandma Rhonda had a little kitten named Skittles visiting her house during our last week there. Skittles loved Carter and Carter loved Skittles. Skittles was the nicest little kitty- he would follow Carter all over the property. Carter soaked him with the hose, piled dirt on his head, was constantly picking him up and rubbing his head, etc. but Skittles still loved Carter. I would run over to rescue the tiny thing from Carter's naughtiness but when I got to him, Skittles was purring away. He was just happy to have Carter there I suppose. Very sweet!

Boise Trip: Grandpa & Baby Roland

Baby Roland (RJ) and great Grandpa Holloway- after whom he was named.

Boise Trip: Family Pictures

Lynette & Tom

Barker Siblings

Baby Tay and Aunt Sara

Boise Trip: Four Generations of Daughters

Four generations of daughters: Nola Holloway, Rhonda Porter, Corinne Hilton, & Taylor Hilton.

Grandpa Blueberry

Taylor loves blueberries and Grandpa Terry quickly learned that he could easily entice Taylor with them. Here is a picture of the two of them going to town on a package of blueberries. Yum!

Boise Trip: Settlers Park

One of our favorite parks in Boise is just down the road from my mom's house...Settlers Park. It has a huge play area as well as water area with fountains that shoot out of the ground. It is perfect on a hot summer day!