Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Visit with Utah Cousins

Carter, Tay, and I made it down to Utah for a couple of days last week. We enjoyed it so much! Mathew, Dan-o, and Kaylee have changed so much and baby Ashley was a delight- what a sweetheart! The kids enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool, playing with toys, watching the movie Cars, and a trip to the water park. The water park was awesome...Carter and Tay were all smiles.

A few words to describe my sweet nephews and nieces...

Mathew- thoughtful big brother
Daniel- silly
Kaylee- absolutely adorable
Ashley- what a snuggler!

Thank you Vince & Melissa for having us! We hope we can bring Drew with us next time! Here are some pictures of the kids in the Hilton's pool.

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Jroo said...

Boy, you sure can tell everyone in these pictures is related, huh? All that blond in one place.