Sunday, July 15, 2007

Virginia: Garden Update

Here is a picture of our cute little garden. Drew said that it is doing well. We have some veggies that are eatable and we even have a praying mantis that has made our garden its home! Wahoo!


Corinne said...

FYI- a praying mantis is great for a garden :)

Leslie said...

it looks awesome!! Can't wait to see what all you end up with out of there this year. We're loving our strawberries so far, and we've gotten just a few green beans. Yummy!

Kelly Whitmer Vaisey said...

when we settle in a house this fall, you will have to share some garden secrets, i hope to start something small myself. come visit us ANYTIME you're in town- for sure. just email me and let me know when! BAR EXAM IS TOMORROW AND WED. HOORAY!!!