Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boise Trip: Independence Day

The 4th was a fun day for us! The first event of the day was a parade...Carter and Tay's first parade. Tay definitely enjoyed watching everyone and sitting on Grandma Rhonda's lap. Carter was a little nervous after I told him about the floats, loud cars, firetrucks, etc. He wasn't sure what to expect! He has noise issues so Grandpa Terry gave him a pair of shooting ear muffs to wear. Carter called them his "earphones". He wore them during most of the parade, especially when the firetrucks came through. The parade was short and sweet and they threw out tons of candy. Since it was Carter's first parade it took him awhile to catch on, plus he was a little overwhelmed with all of the loud noises. He picked up just one candy at at time and brought them to me. It was very sweet. I am sure he'll be more competitive next year :).

Drew arrived from Virginia in the late afternoon. Carter was thrilled! In the evening, my siblings came over for a BBQ and Tay's birthday party (her third party). I bought some fire crackers and uncle Jared put on a show for us in the driveway. Again Carter wore his trusty "headphones".

When it got dark we headed over to Middleton, a nearby town, for the big fireworks display! We were right underneath- it was awesome. Carter and Tay were exhausted but I think they enjoyed them. Carter got to see a tanker firetruck put out a real fire just a few hundred feet away from where we were parked. We're still not sure what caught on fire but it was a pretty big blaze. Once the fireworks got underway, Carter felt they were still too loud for him so he sat in the car (with the ear muffs on and his eyes peeled to the window). It was a very memorable day/night for our little family.

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