Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flight Summary & July Wrap Up

After more than a 2 hour delay out of Chicago, we finally landed in Baltimore some time after 1:30 a.m. After tucking Carter and Tay in bed, I think Drew and I climbed in bed sometime around 3:20 a.m. The flights went pretty well...Tay slept a tiny bit during each flight and Carter took a good nap on "plane #1" as Carter called it. Tay got pretty fussy but only cried hard a few times. Overall though, she did great as did Carter. Carter is such a good little traveler!

July was a busy month for us. It was exciting and exhausting all at the same time. Thank you to all of our family in Boise that treated us so well. Mom and Terry- thanks for putting up with us for soooo long. I am glad you have your house back to yourselves. :)

We are looking forward to August...Drew's birthday, Kirk (Drew's brother) returns home from his mission to California, our 6th anniversary, family camping trip to the beach, Tay is going to start walking (she is so close!), family pictures...and more. Fun times!

I'll finish our Boise trip posts soon. I have a few more pictures and some stories to share but ta ta for now :O)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Boise Trip: Boise Tour Train

Grandma Rhonda, Carter, Tay and I went for a ride on the Boise Tour Train. For those of you who are not from Boise...it is a trolley that takes people around the downtown area. The tour guide gives all kinds of fun facts about Boise's history.

Carter saw the trolley train driving downtown during our first week in Boise. I promised him I would take him before we left and because our trip is soon coming to a close...it was time for our train ride. The ride ended up being too long for Tay and Carter was pretty exhausted too, but overall we had a great ride. We're glad Grandma Rhonda joined us too!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Boise Trip: Cousin Picture

Here is a picture of Carter, Taylor, and baby Roland (RJ).

Boise Trip: Random Pictures

Boise Trip: Grandpa Mike's 4-Wheeler

Carter finally had the courage to go for a ride on Grandpa Mikes four wheeler. He made sure he had his "ear phones" on first and that Mommy was right behind him! After Carter's ride, Tay was convinced she needed to be up there on the motorcycle as well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Visit with Utah Cousins

Carter, Tay, and I made it down to Utah for a couple of days last week. We enjoyed it so much! Mathew, Dan-o, and Kaylee have changed so much and baby Ashley was a delight- what a sweetheart! The kids enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool, playing with toys, watching the movie Cars, and a trip to the water park. The water park was awesome...Carter and Tay were all smiles.

A few words to describe my sweet nephews and nieces...

Mathew- thoughtful big brother
Daniel- silly
Kaylee- absolutely adorable
Ashley- what a snuggler!

Thank you Vince & Melissa for having us! We hope we can bring Drew with us next time! Here are some pictures of the kids in the Hilton's pool.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Boise Trip: Friends Reunion

The second week of July was awesome. I had my dearest friends in town! We played, stayed up late talking and playing games, ate yummy food, and even had a girls night...homemade oreo shakes! Can't get better than that! I am so grateful for these young women who have taught me so much over the years. I don't know where I would be with out the example each of them have set for me. Thank you, ladies!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Virginia: Garden Update

Here is a picture of our cute little garden. Drew said that it is doing well. We have some veggies that are eatable and we even have a praying mantis that has made our garden its home! Wahoo!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boise Trip: Family Reunion

The Barker Reunion was great! It took place in and around Boise as well as Garden Valley where my grandparents have a cabin. We ate, played, floated the main fork of the Payette River, and ate some more! Here are some pictures...

Cowboy Carter and his side kick Drew (aka Daddy). I can't believe Carter let me put him up on the horse with Drew.

Tay playing with blocks up at the cabin.

Grandpa Mike teaching Carter about the good ol' bow & arrow!

Carter after I asked him to go get Drew and tell him it's time for dinner. Actually, he's shaking the hand of the "bones guy" at Bogus Creek Outfitters Ranch. We had a delicious dinner followed by an old western show in their "ghost town".

The Barker kids - Sara, Jared, Corinne, & Lynette.

Carter loved his binocculars we brought up to the cabin. He checked everything out- especially those wonderful carpenter ants!

Boise Trip: Birthday Party

I really wanted to do something special for Tay's first bithday. In June we had a Happy Father's Day/Happy Bithday Grandma Heidi & Tay Party with the Hilton's. We also had birthday cake for Tay with the Barkers. But I really wanted to do something special for her myself so I made a cute little flower cake. It almost worked out too! The cake was too sticky so I gave up frosting the sides as to not detroy it. Carter helped with the sprinkles on top and helped her blow out the candle (of course). Instead of having a 1st birthday hat, she wore a cute headband of flower petals. Our sweet little flower is growing up! It was fun having her aunts, uncle, and daddy at the party!

Boise Trip: Independence Day

The 4th was a fun day for us! The first event of the day was a parade...Carter and Tay's first parade. Tay definitely enjoyed watching everyone and sitting on Grandma Rhonda's lap. Carter was a little nervous after I told him about the floats, loud cars, firetrucks, etc. He wasn't sure what to expect! He has noise issues so Grandpa Terry gave him a pair of shooting ear muffs to wear. Carter called them his "earphones". He wore them during most of the parade, especially when the firetrucks came through. The parade was short and sweet and they threw out tons of candy. Since it was Carter's first parade it took him awhile to catch on, plus he was a little overwhelmed with all of the loud noises. He picked up just one candy at at time and brought them to me. It was very sweet. I am sure he'll be more competitive next year :).

Drew arrived from Virginia in the late afternoon. Carter was thrilled! In the evening, my siblings came over for a BBQ and Tay's birthday party (her third party). I bought some fire crackers and uncle Jared put on a show for us in the driveway. Again Carter wore his trusty "headphones".

When it got dark we headed over to Middleton, a nearby town, for the big fireworks display! We were right underneath- it was awesome. Carter and Tay were exhausted but I think they enjoyed them. Carter got to see a tanker firetruck put out a real fire just a few hundred feet away from where we were parked. We're still not sure what caught on fire but it was a pretty big blaze. Once the fireworks got underway, Carter felt they were still too loud for him so he sat in the car (with the ear muffs on and his eyes peeled to the window). It was a very memorable day/night for our little family.

Boise Trip: Yum Yum

Taylor is such a funny baby. She LOVES watermelon! One day she had eaten all of her watermelon as well as most of mine...but she still wanted more. She saw a roma tomato across the kitchen and started squaking and gesturing that she wanted it...I guess she figured that since it was red too it, it would do the job. She devoured it! It was hilarious. There was tomato everwhere but she did eat the entire tomato. Funny girl.

Boise Trip: Play Time

Carter and Tay are having lots of fun here in Boise. Each of the grandparents house is proving to be an adventure for them, especially Carter...

Grandma Rhonda's House: Carter loves jumping on the trampoline, feeding the neighbor's horse carrots, going for walks in the wagon, playing in the dirt and with the garden hose. Actually- he probably likes playing with the hose the best!

Grandpa Mike's house: Carter likes to feed the ducks (he usually eats several sliced of bread himself though), playing with the race car track and other fun toys, and oh yes- they have a hose too!

Tay is loving her kiddie pool and is warming up to my Mom's kitty cats. She is still pretty much up at least 3 or 4 times a night but naps well during the day. She is getting a little more adventurous every day. I love to see her growing!

Boise Trip: Baby RJ

Since coming to Boise we have had the chance to meet and spend time with our newest little nephew. Roland Jay (or RJ) is the cutest little baby. He is quite the little talker already at 8 weeks old. His mama Sarah is awesome. We have had tons of fun just sitting around talking about babies. Fun times!