Thursday, June 07, 2007


Last night was another crazy sleepless night! We played musical beds and both Carter and Taylor ended up in my bed at some point, luckily at different times though. I slept on the twin bed in Tay's room too for a couple of hours (she is still our in our walk in closet). I don't sleep any is more like I take a couple of naps during the night.


Lisa and Brock said...

Musical beds might as well make a real game out of it as long as you're up anyway! If there's one thing I've learned dealing with sleep issues and kids...whenever you feel like you finally get a routine down and things are going good- it inevitably changes. :)

Kelly said...

Oh no, Corinne! I am praying they sleep soon. Musical beds isn't nearly as fun as the name implies!

Leslie said...

I truly feel for you....So sorry, C. I hope you get some sleep soon. :(