Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June Wrap Up

June was a fun month for us. We had a few fun weekends with Drew home. I was able to get a few house things done a well. Carter, Tay, and I enjoyed the company of friends and played at the pool a lot durig the week. Tay is getting much stronger and is now cruising along furniture. It will still be a while until she is walking. Carter is my silly boy. Good times.

Hm. I can't believe July is just around the corner! Carter, Tay, and I are still getting settled in Boise. Both of them have colds and are up all night. Last night I think I may have gotten an hour and half of sleep at my longest stretch of shut eye. The last two months, especially the last five days have left me a walking zombie.

We have several fun things planned while I am in Idaho- a family reunion, friends visiting from Texas, tons of people to catch up with in Boise, and lots of play time for the kids. Carter is really enjoying the new yards, gardens, and toys at the different grandparents house. Tay is doing really well as far as warming up to people. She still prefers me of course but I am pleased with how she social she has been.

We hope Drew is doing well in Virginia and getting everything done he needs to. We miss you and love you Drew!


Melissa H said...

Ashley has had a terrible cold the last week too! I thought she may have an ear infection along with it because she kept pulling on her ears, but the doctor said the three words you spend hundreds of dollars all year to hear ...'its just viral'. Good luck!

Kelly Whitmer Vaisey said...

Oh, Corinne! You're my inspiration. Seriously, you are a machine. Jeff is currently studying for the bar as well, but doing so in our house with us in the other room. It's painful. Wish we lived close! Have a nice time in Idaho with your family:)

Jroo said...

i don't think they really have colds. i think they just miss me so much their little bodies can't handle all the emotional trauma they're feeling. naaaaaaaa!

...either that, or they have potatoe allergies. ;-)

i hope you get more sleep, cori!