Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June Wrap Up

June was a fun month for us. We had a few fun weekends with Drew home. I was able to get a few house things done a well. Carter, Tay, and I enjoyed the company of friends and played at the pool a lot durig the week. Tay is getting much stronger and is now cruising along furniture. It will still be a while until she is walking. Carter is my silly boy. Good times.

Hm. I can't believe July is just around the corner! Carter, Tay, and I are still getting settled in Boise. Both of them have colds and are up all night. Last night I think I may have gotten an hour and half of sleep at my longest stretch of shut eye. The last two months, especially the last five days have left me a walking zombie.

We have several fun things planned while I am in Idaho- a family reunion, friends visiting from Texas, tons of people to catch up with in Boise, and lots of play time for the kids. Carter is really enjoying the new yards, gardens, and toys at the different grandparents house. Tay is doing really well as far as warming up to people. She still prefers me of course but I am pleased with how she social she has been.

We hope Drew is doing well in Virginia and getting everything done he needs to. We miss you and love you Drew!

Flashback: Flying with Kids

I know many of you have been anxiously waiting our travel stories so here it goes!

First of all I will say that considering that we were all up since 3 am, had 3 flights, and one longer lay over- Carter and Tay did great. Taylor was the hardest. She is 12 months old and just a wiggly baby. She wants to crawl and climb and very much prefers sleeping in her own bed. It was a little trickier with her but Carter was awesome. During the last 2 hours of the last flight he did get a little antsy as well but that is when I whipped out our new portable DVD player. Thanks Drew- for getting it for us. I don't think I would have needed it on a normal DC to Boise flight (two shorter flights with one lay over) but this day was a totally different story...

We woke the kids up at 3 am for our 1 1/2 hour drive to BWI (Baltimore). Carter was too excited to sleep! Tay was really confused as to why we woke up her in the middle of the night. We checked in at skycap (the BEST way to do it when you have more than one kid) and headed in. The security check line was really long and a business man in line stopped us as we headed to get in line and said "oh, go up to the head of the line, they will let you in". Hm, ok! We said good bye to Drew and they let us go right in. The security screening was as hilarious as ever. Unloading the stroller, taking shoes off, folding the stroller, etc. just to load it up again is quite the task when it is just one of you with kids. Of course, the business men behind me were giving me rude looks because it took me a few more minutes than normal but I took my time. No rush. It is not like they offered to help anyway.

Flight #1: By this time, the kids were exhausted. Tay was starting to get fussy but Carter was wired with excitement. I had wrapped 3 small matchbox tractors in tissue- one "surprise" for each of our three flights. Carter opened the first one after the ascent and pretty much played with it and snacked for the duration of the flight. Tay didn't cooperate as nicely. She liked the take off but once we were up in the air, she screamed her little lungs off for a long time. The only thing that would calm her down was to nurse her. She finally fell asleep nursing- Few!

Flight #2: By this point Tay was totally exhausted. She cried hard for a while but again fell asleep nursing. Luckily she slept for about an hour. Carter snuggled his blanky up into a pillow and immediately fell asleep for the entire flight. It was a shorter flight but at least he got a nap in. Ok, so during this flight is our first "Story".

The three of us were settled nicely in our seats (window and middle). Tay was sitting happily on my lap and Carter was looking out the window. One of the last people to board the plane was a lady probably my mom's age, dressed in power suit, carrying a Prada shoulder bag. She comes to our row and rudely says "Oh, my God!" I say to her, "Oh dear. This won't be good." She then sits down with a huff. A few minutes later she says "@#&^! Do they always put the kids back here!" (Maybe it was her first time flying coach!) Ok, so there I am, running on less than 3 hours of sleep, traveling by myself with two kids who are also exhausted. In a moment of vulnerability, I almost started crying. But as soon as tears came to my eyes I thought to myself, "This isn't you! No one can bully you Corinne." So I turned to the lady and with a feisty voice said, "She WILL cry...You CAN find another seat if this is going to be a problem." Prada lady snorts back, "this is the LAST seat." I say again firmly, "She IS a baby and WILL cry so maybe you should switch with someone".


About an hour later (my kids both sweetly sleeping) she leans over and starts chit chatting. She never really apologized for being so rude but we did end up having a polite conversation. I probably wasn't very Christ-like but I absolutely don't feel bad about standing my ground with her.

Lay over: Story #2... we were walking to our next terminal when all of a sudden I slipped on a liquid on the floor. I seriously looked like a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel. To keep my balance I kept pushing the stroller, trying to "walk" out of it. As I do that, I BARELY bumped into this older lady with the front tire of the stroller. I immediately and sincerely apologized to her. She turned around and says in a very vicious voice "They are only my ankles but that's ok!" What a grouch! Still feeling a little feisty, I say to her "I just slipped on something. I DID NOT mean to run into you!" I had barely touched this old lady...she wouldn't have even turned around had I not apologized. I could have just kept walking! Anyway, she then realized that I was serious and as I scoot off I hear her sheepishly saying, "well, your kids are adorable". Oh please! In the end it was kind of funny...can any of you see me purposely running down elderly women with my double stroller? For heavens sake!

Flight #3: Very long! This was the hardest one by far. Taylor took a little nap but was pretty fussy. I think we were all read to be done by the middle of this flight. I felt like a sailor who kisses the ground after being on a ship for months at sea. I was so happy to get off that third plane!

In the end it was just a day. Traveling with kids CAN be done :). Our return flight to Virginia will be a normal 2 flight, one stop trip. No worries here!

Sideburns Story

Here is a dialogue from the other week...

We were driving in the car together and Carter says from the back, "Daddy, what are those things on your face?"

Drew immediately touches his face to see what he is talking about...there isn't any thing unusual there so Drew inquires further...

Carter points and says: Those! By your ears!

Drew: Oooh... my sideburns.

It had been a week since Carter had seen Drew last. During the week Drew decided to grow sideburns. I guess they looked very peculiar to a 3 year old. It was so funny!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our Garden is Growing

Drew emailed me an updated picture of our little garden today. It is growing! Drew and I are very proud of it. Nothing is ready to eat yet (we're growing tomatoes, green beans, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, green peppers, zuchini, broccoli, onions, canteloupe, and watermelon), but we do have several green tomotoes on the vines. Drew promised that he would take a picture of anything that bares fruit. So far so good! Yummy!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Today, our little sweetheart turns one. We are so grateful that she is a part of our family. I can't even imagine our lives without her. I remember having a very strong impression the morning after she was born that her little spirit was definitely suppose to come to our family. As I think back to this day, one year ago, my heart smiles. Not just because Taylor was born...I spent many, many hours laboring with her but I also spent the day with my sweet Carter. I am so grateful that Carter shared the experience with me...with us... as a family. He was with me while I labored with Tay throughout the day...we played together, I cleaned, we ate, went swimming, napped, and played some more. I did my best to go about the day as I would normally. During really strong contractions he would stop what he was doing and watch me. Sometimes we would laugh together, sometimes he hugged me. He understood what was happening because I had taught him- it didn't bother him, it was just another day for us. And even when things got really intense, there was my Carter. He sat in the rocking chair next to the birth tub with this blanky. Carter even fell out of the chair because he was so interested in what was happening! After Taylor was brought up from the water, Carter climbed down and kissed her head. It was simple and humble. Drew arrived from D.C. just an hour and a half before she was born. The last couple of hours of my labor with Tay were extremely intense...I was grateful to have his support during that time. As she was born, Drew kneeled behind the tub and held me in his arms. Taylor didn't cry when she was brought up from the water. She was calm and alert and immediately nursed. Her birth was a wonderful experience for all of us.

Now as a one year old- she is happy, silly, and sooo sweet. She loves her big brother and always wants to be in the middle of what ever Carter is doing. She's tiny, has bright blue eyes and the blondest hair. I think she is adorable (I guess I'm a LITTLE bias)! She melts our hearts! We love you Tay!

We are in Boise today and poor little Tay woke up sick. I am praying that it stays a cold and doesn't last too long. Here is a picture from this afternoon. Since she isn't feeling well, I haven't been able to get a smile out of her today. I will post more birthday pictures of Tay in a couple of weeks. We are going to have an Idaho birthday party for her after Drew arrives. I am so blessed to have the little family that I do.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wonderful Quote

I found this quote on the blog of my dear friends Lisa and Brock. I wanted to share it with you all...

The majority of us lead quiet, unheralded lives as we pass through this world. There will most likely be no ticker-tape parades for us, no monuments created in our honor. But that does not lessen our possible impact, for there are scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have a potential to turn a life around. It's overwhelming to consider the continuous opportunities there are to make our love felt. -Leo Buscaglia

I am grateful for the many in my life who have lifted me with their simple kindness, strength of character, and eternal perspective. I am indeed mindful today of the many who have blessed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you... to all of you who have passed through my life and left some of your goodness with me!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

100th Post

Today I am posting our 100th post! It is kind of like a birthday for our little family blog. Hurray for blogger.com! Ok, here's a little update on us...

Taylor, Carter, and I fly to Boise on Thursday. We have to leave our house at 3 am to get to Baltimore for our early flight. We have 2 stops, one is a 4 hour layover. Yikes!! The day is going to be soooo long. I have been totally stressing out over which stroller/sling/backpack, etc. to bring to make our day a little easier. Taylor loves the hiking backpack but I know she'll need to sleep in a stroller during our long layover. I am sure Carter will get tired too and need to ride in the stroller at some point....I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Oh well, it is just a day. And I have had plenty of challenging days in my life, I suppose I'll make it through this one too :).

Taylor had her 12 month well baby yesterday. She weighed in at 15 lbs 12 ounces! I will need to bring her in again for another weight check when I get back from Boise. It was kind of funny though- the docter kept giving me ideas to fatten her up... they were terribly unhealthy! I think I would rather have a healthy light weight than a feed a baby what she was suggesting. I honestly think I know more about nutrition than Doctor T. Anyway, I am not really worried and the doctor wasn't really either.

I can't believe it has been nearly 7 (? maybe more- I can't remember)weeks of Drew staying at his parents house during the week...Few! Except for a few disasterous Carter days and being a really tired Mama- I did it!

Ok, well I have tons of laundry and cleaning to do before Thursday at 3 am so I better run...I'll post while I am in Boise!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Drew

Happy Father's Day! Thank you for your strength and goodness. We are grateful for all you do for our little family. You make our hearts smile...we LOVE you so much!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our Fishies

A couple of weekends ago we went to our neighorhood pool for the first time. Carter and Tay had so much fun. The picture of Tay is the exact moment we put her in...the picture doesn't show it well but she is actually straining with her shoulders to touch the water. She loves to splash! Carter loved going in the big pool with Daddy.

Little Dancers

This spring Carter took a dance class called Little Dancers at the local rec center. There were 3 boys and 3 girls and they were all adorable! The teacher didn't really teach them "dance" per say but they did do a lot of hopping, skipping, pretending to be animals, etc. to the beat of the music.

Carter was probably the most distracted of the boys- he was always making faces in the mirror and running around. Miss Judy(his teacher) thought that the distraction was because of a sweet little girl named Natalie. Oh dear- we're in for some trouble!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So Cute!

I'm sorry, I just can't contain myself tonight. I just have to say to the world, I really think Carter & Tay are some pretty cute chilluns. I know, I'm biased. But still. Carter's a little mischevious (which he gets from Corinne, of course), but when he's sleeping or watching TV, he's just so darn lovable! It makes ya' wanna tackle the kid and plant a big wet one on his cheek just so you can see him smile real big and say "eeeeeeeeeeew", followed by some serious cheek-wiping action onto his shirt sleeve. And if I'm lucky, he'll turn to me, point to me with his little 3-year-old finger and say with a big smile, "You're the buddy!"...which is his own little term of endearment that he came up with all by himself. I think it's the closest he gets to actually saying "I love you" in his own words.

And Tay...well...she's still in that phase where EVERYTHING she does is cute...but even if she weren't, she'd still be really cute when she's sleeping. I love how she crawls around the house. She has two speeds: normal crawl, and 2nd-gear crawl (for when she's really excited). Both crawls involve a lot of diaper swaggin'. It's pretty cute. Trust me. And I love how she just stares people down. In church, at stores, at other people's houses...everywhere. People come up to her and make all the gaa-gaa goo-goo noises and pinch her cheeks, but she doesn't move a muscle. She just stares at them. Right in the eyes. And studies them. Completely emotionless (which she gets from me, of course - ain't that the truth) and expressionless. I love it! Plus, her noises are absolutely adorable. She moans like a cat when she's tired and squaks like a crow when she's happy. Music to my ears!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Quote Worthy

I forgot to post these quotes from May...they will be famous some day.

Quote by Drew...directed at his 3 year old...
"Life is about being a good listener."

Quote by Carter...referring to Drew's hairy legs...
"He is not a bear, he just has hair."


Last night was another crazy sleepless night! We played musical beds and both Carter and Taylor ended up in my bed at some point, luckily at different times though. I slept on the twin bed in Tay's room too for a couple of hours (she is still our in our walk in closet). I don't sleep any more...it is more like I take a couple of naps during the night.

Friday, June 01, 2007

What a Day

Today was almost a complete disaster. Good thing my friend Kelly came and saved the day! She brought the babies over and hung out with me in my rec room for a couple of hours this afternoon. Few! If she hadn't, I think I would have gone crazy...

Today was one of those days where Carter did everything I've told him not to... but not just once but twice at least. He dug up the seeds in our garden (even though he has is own "turtle garden" now), smashed his breakfast all over the table, drew all over himself and Taylor, hauled his dirty tractors from the back yard all the way up stairs to our bedroom (it left a lovely trail of dirt), he poked a million holes in a box I was going to send a package in, he pretty much flooded the kid's bathroom, and the list could go on. So, over all it was a pretty normal day in terms of a 3 year old but I had little patience for it...

I am tired and grouchy. The night before last I only got 3 hours of sleep and I am still recovering. Last night wasn't as bad but I definitely didn't get more than 3 hours in a row. I know I am just complaining. But in my defense...those of you who know me well, know that my body physically shuts down when I am not rested. Ok, so you are probably thinking...where are you when Carter is getting into trouble? Sometimes I am putting Tay to bed, sometimes I am making a meal, sometimes I am cleaning up the last disaster he made, but most of the time I am right in front of him. Sigh! I started today determined to get a few things done. Notice that I said "a few". I am very realistic these days you know. Long sigh! I only accomplished one thing on my little to do list for today.