Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our Loot

Today was a great day for yard sales. We packed up the whole family and went to a community yard sale and expo. The expo was fun- it had tons of venders from our area. Carter's pediatric dentist had a booth so we stopped and said hi. He was very excited to get a new tooth brush from Dr. Britto!

Here's a list of our loot we found today.... overall we had a very successful morning!

-a cute pair of black Stride Rite dress shoes in excellent condition for Tay- only $1!!
-another pair of dress shoes for Tay, just a bigger size
-the cutest pants ever for Tay, hopefully they will fit her by Christmas
-a 11 foot long floor puzzle
-a paddle board swim toy
-a free wiffle ball bat
-the coolest rug ever for our master bathroom
-a kids cook book
-a hardback book on womens health
-2 wood bead mazes
-a wood abacus
-a bug container (Carter wants to catch fire flies already)
-an old school fisher price car garage toy for Carter
-some cool rectangular tins (for home office organization)
-a little push mower for kids (the price tag said $5 which was WAY more than I would have paid for it so I kept telling Carter to put it back but of course he wouldn't...the lady came over to me and said "it is yours for $1- I really don't want it in my garage!"). So now we have it in ours! Carter "mowed" the grass for us when we got home. Funny kid!

Can you tell we are proud of our finds?!

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Lisa and Brock said...

Tis the season for yard sales! Congratulations on some great finds.