Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Wrap Up

Carter: Carter loves going on bike rides (which is pretty much down the street and back since he gets tired). He also loves tractors, trucks, books, making messes, and getting dirty. Carter is a fun little guy with a lot of energy. As impatient as I am with him, sometimes I wish I could stop life right now and let him be three forever. This phase of his life is just so much fun! Carter is wonderful. I wish he would hold still so I could snuggle him like I used to! Oh yes…I buzzed his head! I actually hate the buzz look on little kids but our clipper blade is dull and cutting unevenly so I just cut it all off! Carter loves it- he keeps rubbing his noggin.

Taylor: She has had a rough month. Her top two teeth finally came through but she is still working on three others, as well as a molar. Tay isn’t a happy teether like some babies so we have had little sleep this month! In the misery of teething she has given up the beloved pacifier. It has been a little traumatic on all of us but she has decided she is done with it. I am sure I will be thankful later! I can’t even believe that in less than one month she will be one year old. What a big girl! She is a fast little crawler now but I think she will be a late walker like Carter. Her legs are pretty wobbly and she doesn’t like standing for very long when she pulls her self up on furniture. A couple of weeks ago she learned how to wave- she does this really cute Miss America wave. It makes me smile.

Drew & Corinne: This month Drew was pretty busy with house stuff. He installed our garage door opener, painted our coat & shoe closet (so we could wipe the walls easily), installed curtain rods in Taylor’s room and our bedroom, installed blinds in our basement/rec room, worked on our garden, and helped me put together our new (used) bed. Drew also began studying for the bar exam. He didn’t pass by just a couple of points last year…it probably didn’t help that Tay was born just 3 weeks before the exam…or that he got his MBA during law school…or that he worked like crazy and had tons of church responsibilities while we lived in Richmond. Anyway, he is working and studying for the exam which is at the end of July. His review course is in Arlington so during the week he stays at his parent’s house…the commute is shorter and he is able to get some sleep and fully concentrate on his studies. We miss you Drew!

The month of May is always bitter sweet for me…it is during this month that my beautiful Virginia blossoms, the weather warms up….and my allergies make me miserable. Oak tree pollen is the worst! Thank goodness June is on its way! By the middle of June I usually feel much better. I am super busy, my house is super messy (pretty much a disaster zone) and I am super tired. That’s pretty much it for me!

Family Fun: Check out our other posts for some fun things we did during the month of May.


Lisa and Brock said...

I love to hear your voice through your Blog Corinne. I feel like I know Carter and Taylor well even though we never see them. Thanks for the updates...we love it!

Anonymous said...

Corinne-thanks for the updates on your family! They are beautiful. I am nannying with a number of kids the same age as yours while I am in midwifery school and preparing for apprenticeship. I can relate to the kids antics! I am still doing doula work too. You have grown and matured into a sweet young woman since I first met you! I'm really excited that you are involved in the birth field too! Say hi to Drew for me.
Mary Callender

Raw-b said...

Carter looks great with his head buzzed. His head is shaped perfectly for it

Melissa said...

Carter looks awesome. I am a huge fan of the buzz! Easy to maintain, easy to style, and easy to cut! I think every boy needs a buzz cut because when you're older, you can't get away with it! (Even though Vince still trys to--luckily I catch him in time)

Melissa said...

P.S. How do find time to post all of this stuff??????? My blog is pretty boring because I don't have time to post much!

Jroo said...

Well I like your blog, Melissa! I think it's fun to see pics of the kids and hear what you guys are up to. You should put up some pics of your house. I haven't seen it yet!