Wednesday, May 09, 2007

F-Files Letter for May

Dear Firl Family,

Happy spring time from Virginia! We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful time of year. We definitely are! We are having fun being outside- getting our garden ready, going for family walks, going to the park and playing with new friends. We can’t wait for the neighborhood pool to open in a few weeks too.

Here’s a quick update on our family:

Drew: Drew is as amazing as ever. He recently installed our garage door opener all by himself! Way to go Drew! I think he secretly loves the list of house projects I have given him. :) There is just something good about old fashioned physical work. Anyway, he is also busy with work and his church callings. So far he has three callings in our ward: ward co-organist, elder’s quorum committee chair, and young men’s secretary…but his main squeeze is still a good movie with a bowl of popcorn in front of him (oh, and he likes me too of course)!

Carter: Carter is the reason I am exhausted by 8 pm every night. I just can’t seem to keep up with him. I am definitely having a harder time having patience with him but over all he is still a sweet little guy. He bore his testimony at church for the first time. Hilarious! I don’t think he knew it was fast and testimony day (I don’t even know if he knows what that is yet) but he was bound and determined to talk into the microphone. In fact he told me as we were getting ready to leave that he was going to tell everyone at church that he had a balloon. Well that is just what he did! Drew brought him up and held him in his arms at the pulpit and Carter announced “I have a balloon!” (Everyone chuckled of course.) Drew then went on to help Carter share a simple testimony as well as his own. It was so cute!

Taylor: Tay is a funny, funny baby girl. To most she seems very serious but after you have spent a little bit of time with her you know she just a little timid. In fact, she is pretty hilarious most of the time and VERY vocal. She lets you know exactly what she wants! She is crawling very well now and cutting tons of teeth. She loves to be outside, give kisses and hugs, and most recently mastered clapping her hands. She’s the best! We will celebrate her first birthday June 22nd. This year has gone by so quickly.

Corinne: I am doing well. I enjoy my kids so much and am thankful that I can be home with them. Every day they teach me about goodness and humanity. I especially love to watch them as they discover and learn about this big world we live in.

I wish I had more to report…Life is good!

Love you all!

Corinne, Drew, Carter, and Taylor Hilton

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Mom said...

Thanks for the update! I appreciate you doing this.