Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May Wrap Up

Carter: Carter loves going on bike rides (which is pretty much down the street and back since he gets tired). He also loves tractors, trucks, books, making messes, and getting dirty. Carter is a fun little guy with a lot of energy. As impatient as I am with him, sometimes I wish I could stop life right now and let him be three forever. This phase of his life is just so much fun! Carter is wonderful. I wish he would hold still so I could snuggle him like I used to! Oh yes…I buzzed his head! I actually hate the buzz look on little kids but our clipper blade is dull and cutting unevenly so I just cut it all off! Carter loves it- he keeps rubbing his noggin.

Taylor: She has had a rough month. Her top two teeth finally came through but she is still working on three others, as well as a molar. Tay isn’t a happy teether like some babies so we have had little sleep this month! In the misery of teething she has given up the beloved pacifier. It has been a little traumatic on all of us but she has decided she is done with it. I am sure I will be thankful later! I can’t even believe that in less than one month she will be one year old. What a big girl! She is a fast little crawler now but I think she will be a late walker like Carter. Her legs are pretty wobbly and she doesn’t like standing for very long when she pulls her self up on furniture. A couple of weeks ago she learned how to wave- she does this really cute Miss America wave. It makes me smile.

Drew & Corinne: This month Drew was pretty busy with house stuff. He installed our garage door opener, painted our coat & shoe closet (so we could wipe the walls easily), installed curtain rods in Taylor’s room and our bedroom, installed blinds in our basement/rec room, worked on our garden, and helped me put together our new (used) bed. Drew also began studying for the bar exam. He didn’t pass by just a couple of points last year…it probably didn’t help that Tay was born just 3 weeks before the exam…or that he got his MBA during law school…or that he worked like crazy and had tons of church responsibilities while we lived in Richmond. Anyway, he is working and studying for the exam which is at the end of July. His review course is in Arlington so during the week he stays at his parent’s house…the commute is shorter and he is able to get some sleep and fully concentrate on his studies. We miss you Drew!

The month of May is always bitter sweet for me…it is during this month that my beautiful Virginia blossoms, the weather warms up….and my allergies make me miserable. Oak tree pollen is the worst! Thank goodness June is on its way! By the middle of June I usually feel much better. I am super busy, my house is super messy (pretty much a disaster zone) and I am super tired. That’s pretty much it for me!

Family Fun: Check out our other posts for some fun things we did during the month of May.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend...
Saturday: Grandma Heidi and Jeff joined us in the beautiful Virginia countryside for a strawberry festival. The Great Country Farm (that is the name) held its annual strawberry jubilee. There were tractor rides, farm animals, activities for kids, food, and strawberry picking.

Sunday: Dinner at the Hilton's- yum!

Monday: a productive morning for Corinne while Drew took the kids for a few hours, and fun cook out with Heidi, Jeff, Kelly, and the triplets.

We love holidays!

Update on our Garden

Our little box of dirt is officially a garden. This weekend we planted our transplants ( 3 tomato, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow squash, 2 cantalope, and 1 watermelon). We also planted a few seeds (snow peas, green beans, and onion). Next week we will plant a few more seeds and put up our plant supports (ours is a vertical growing garden).

Today we received a small turtle sandbox from a fellow freecycler. Carter was so excited when we picked it up. I haven't told him it is a sandbox- we are calling it a turtle garden instead. We needed a place for him to "plant" seeds and play with this tractors and dump trucks. Now that we have plants in the real garden, the turtle will have to keep him busy.

Birth Works International

As of last weekend I am now the workshop coordinator for Birth Works International. I think I've gone absolutely crazy! I can't even keep my laundry done but yet I keep adding to my responsibilities. Grrr!

DONA Doula

Last weekend I attended a DONA doula training. It was great! I went thinking I wouldn't know anyone but it turns out that my friend Lori, who is also a Birth Works educator, was there. It was wonderful to catch up with her and as well as meet other great women. Overall it was a great weekend- I added to my skills and enjoyed being among other like minded people. Good times!

Flash back to Mother's Day

Mother's day this year was interesting. It started out lousy (to put it nicely) and it just got worse as the day progressed. We have afternoon church and I thought that going to church would turn things around- usually the men or youth do something nice to recognize mothers. Not this year! No flowers, no giant cookies, no third hour off from our callings, nothing! Well, there were two speakers who talked about Mother's Day. In fact- one was really wonderful. Ok, back to my bad day...so we got home from church and I was irritated and exhausted (nursery totally wears me out). I thought we were going to visit Drew's Mom and stop by the nursing home where is Grandma lives- nope. Instead Drew and Carter made a yummy dinner with my favorite dessert. Then I opened my gifts...

The first gift I opened was a home made certificate from Carter and Taylor. It was framed and pretty much said that I would get to enjoy a full night of uninterrupted sleep on behalf of all my sleepless nights taking care of them. Wahoo!

The second gift I opened was a pair of those cloth night shades that you put over your eyes. At this point I am thinking that I get to sleep on our couch in the rec room where there are no blinds (it is super light down there because our neighbors leave their back porch lights on all night). I thought to my self, "not bad".

The third gift was the gift of all gifts...it was another framed, home made certificate. But it wasn't really a certificate, it was the reservation information for my hotel stay that night. Drew packed me up and sent me off to a local hotel for one night of uninterrupted sleep. It was the first time since early in my pregnancy with Taylor that I went to bed when I was tired and woke up when my body was ready to wake up. I slept solid from 9 pm to 7 am the next morning. It was awesome!! Thanks Drew. You are the best!

Field Trip to Frying Pan

We went on a little field trip to Frying Pan Park with a few other families from church. It was fun- we mostly stayed at Kidwell Farm while we were there. Kidwell Farm is the last working farm in Fairfax County (it is also owned by the county's parks authority). It was fun! There were farm animals, a farmer's market, farm equipment (which Carter loved), a play ground, a tractor ride, etc. Carter loved playing on the kid size tractors (surprise, surpise).

Taylor & the Giglio Triplets

Tay hosted her very first "play date" last week. My sweet friend Kelly lives around the corner from us and has 10 month old triplets- Emma, Maddie, and Ian. Kelly and I (and the kids of course) enjoy walks in the neighborhood a couple of times a week. I love being able to get out the house and talk to another adult. It is very theraputic! Anyway, the play date was super fun- we are definately going to do it again, especially with hot weather on its way.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Say Cheese

Our silly little sweetheart!

Not Climbing Yet

She's not climbing yet (thankfully!) but she's thinking about it!

Garden or Sandbox?

Carter had a better idea for our garden....I think I better start freecycling for a sandbox! Good thing there are no seeds in the soil! :)

Our little "big helper"

Carter and Drew got busy this week working on our little garden. Drew made the frame and together they mixed the "ingredients" for the soil. Hopefully we will start planting in the next couple of weeks.

The face of mischief!

Just when Carter is the naughtiest he's ever been, he proves he can top it! I won't share the stories but let's just say that I could tell some doozies this week. I'll just give you some key words & phrases and let you fill in the details with your imagination.

Permanent marker- the entire kitchen, his entire body. 10 lb bag of sugar...."needed some sand for my road". Pulling Tay around by her legs-she's only in a diaper, hardwood floor! Clean laundry pile- "shoveling" it all over the third floor. (These are just four of the episodes.)

I think I have decided to boycott the telephone too. I think any one who has called me and talked with me for more than 10 minutes when Carter is awake probably thinks I am a monster. Carter inevitably whines like crazy and does something naughty and then I end up yelling at him. Grrr!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

F-Files Letter for May

Dear Firl Family,

Happy spring time from Virginia! We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful time of year. We definitely are! We are having fun being outside- getting our garden ready, going for family walks, going to the park and playing with new friends. We can’t wait for the neighborhood pool to open in a few weeks too.

Here’s a quick update on our family:

Drew: Drew is as amazing as ever. He recently installed our garage door opener all by himself! Way to go Drew! I think he secretly loves the list of house projects I have given him. :) There is just something good about old fashioned physical work. Anyway, he is also busy with work and his church callings. So far he has three callings in our ward: ward co-organist, elder’s quorum committee chair, and young men’s secretary…but his main squeeze is still a good movie with a bowl of popcorn in front of him (oh, and he likes me too of course)!

Carter: Carter is the reason I am exhausted by 8 pm every night. I just can’t seem to keep up with him. I am definitely having a harder time having patience with him but over all he is still a sweet little guy. He bore his testimony at church for the first time. Hilarious! I don’t think he knew it was fast and testimony day (I don’t even know if he knows what that is yet) but he was bound and determined to talk into the microphone. In fact he told me as we were getting ready to leave that he was going to tell everyone at church that he had a balloon. Well that is just what he did! Drew brought him up and held him in his arms at the pulpit and Carter announced “I have a balloon!” (Everyone chuckled of course.) Drew then went on to help Carter share a simple testimony as well as his own. It was so cute!

Taylor: Tay is a funny, funny baby girl. To most she seems very serious but after you have spent a little bit of time with her you know she just a little timid. In fact, she is pretty hilarious most of the time and VERY vocal. She lets you know exactly what she wants! She is crawling very well now and cutting tons of teeth. She loves to be outside, give kisses and hugs, and most recently mastered clapping her hands. She’s the best! We will celebrate her first birthday June 22nd. This year has gone by so quickly.

Corinne: I am doing well. I enjoy my kids so much and am thankful that I can be home with them. Every day they teach me about goodness and humanity. I especially love to watch them as they discover and learn about this big world we live in.

I wish I had more to report…Life is good!

Love you all!

Corinne, Drew, Carter, and Taylor Hilton

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our Loot

Today was a great day for yard sales. We packed up the whole family and went to a community yard sale and expo. The expo was fun- it had tons of venders from our area. Carter's pediatric dentist had a booth so we stopped and said hi. He was very excited to get a new tooth brush from Dr. Britto!

Here's a list of our loot we found today.... overall we had a very successful morning!

-a cute pair of black Stride Rite dress shoes in excellent condition for Tay- only $1!!
-another pair of dress shoes for Tay, just a bigger size
-the cutest pants ever for Tay, hopefully they will fit her by Christmas
-a 11 foot long floor puzzle
-a paddle board swim toy
-a free wiffle ball bat
-the coolest rug ever for our master bathroom
-a kids cook book
-a hardback book on womens health
-2 wood bead mazes
-a wood abacus
-a bug container (Carter wants to catch fire flies already)
-an old school fisher price car garage toy for Carter
-some cool rectangular tins (for home office organization)
-a little push mower for kids (the price tag said $5 which was WAY more than I would have paid for it so I kept telling Carter to put it back but of course he wouldn't...the lady came over to me and said "it is yours for $1- I really don't want it in my garage!"). So now we have it in ours! Carter "mowed" the grass for us when we got home. Funny kid!

Can you tell we are proud of our finds?!