Monday, April 02, 2007

She's a Monster!

So I left Carter and Taylor sitting together on my bedroom floor this morning while I stepped into the bathroom for a minute. They were both busy with toys... I hear Carter say "I have a suprise for you Mommy". I immediately yell to him "what did you do?" I then come into the room and Carter says, "Surprise! Taylor is a monster girl!" Carter had drawn all over Tay's face with pen! The funny thing (besides her monster marks) was that she didn't even protest when he was doing it- if she had, I would have heard what was going on! What am I going to do with this crazy little man!

p.s. I could only get a good picture of one side of her face. There were plenty of ''monster marks" on the other side of her face and neck.


Grandma Rhonda said...

I loved all of these pictures and posts. I love that you do this for us. Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!!!! Love you All

Kelly Whitmer Vaisey said...

Your kidlets are seriously too cute for words. i really enjoy checking your blog often:)