Monday, April 30, 2007

My cute family!

April just flew by for us! Here's a quick update on our little family.

Drew: Super human. Supports all of my crazy projects. Loves popcorn. Loves movies. Works hard for our family. Always sacrificing for others.

Carter: Silly. Wild. Funny. Exhausting! Loving his dance class (yes, that is right- DANCE class- half the class is made up of boys). Loves to play outside and ride his bike. Loves to shovel dirt and throw rocks. Loves his bunk bed.

Taylor: Hilarious! Very fiesty when it is time to eat- loves finger foods. Teething- 4 teeth coming in. Up all night. Crawling. Pulling up on furniture. Says "ma ma ma ma ma" and means it. Loves to clap her hands. So cute!

Little Tay

I love these pictures of Tay because they give a great visual of her personality. The first picture is of her quietly playing by herself on my bed. The other picture was taken while she was playing in her Daddy's arms. The wind was blowing her hair and she was so happy to be outside.

Silly Girl

Tay gives us so many laughs! She has the funniest expressions. I wish I could catch them when I have my camera handy but I am always too late. With her wild blonde hair going every which way, a twinkle in her bright blue eyes, and a little smirk on her face- you never know what she is thinking.

Bubbles on the Balcony

Today was beautiful! It was 80 degress with a slight breeze- which made it a perfect day for playing outside and blowing bubbles.

A Whole New World

I love floor length windows! We had them in both apartments in Richmond and Carter was always glued to them. We have long windows in our new house and little Tay is hooked too! Now that she is crawling and on the go- I can usually find her crawling after Carter or looking out the window.

Splish Splash

Fun times at the Hilton house! We love bath time- Tay is our little fish and Carter is as wild as ever.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Popcorn...does a body good

I'm the dude on the right.

Why is Drew is so Skinny

Yes, yes we all know that Drew is SKINNY. I thought I would share with you why he is skinny... after a long hard day at work Drew will come home and make himself some thing to eat. On this particular day he made himself a bowl of microwave popcorn as well as a delicious crunchy cucumber. ABSOLUTELY no nutritional value in either (well, there is a tiny amount in a cucumber). There you have it!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crawling Update

Taylor is officially crawling! She has been getting around for several weeks now but in the past week she officially began crawling forwards. She is adorable- and into everything. I love it!

I'll try to figure out you-tube so we can't post a video of her.

Fun Visit with Grandma Rhonda

In March my Mom called up and said "Surprise, I am coming to visit". A couple of weeks later, here she was! We had a fun time- we visited, shopped, she painted one of bathrooms, she cooked yummy food, we visited a historic plantation, and played with the kids. Drew and I even went on a date while she was here! Unfortunately we gave her a cold though. Sorry! We can't wait to see her again in June!

Easter at Our House

We had a fun easter afternoon with Drew's family as well as my mom. Dinner was tasty (thank you Mom!) and the company was great. We hid eggs in the rec room for Carter to find. He found almost all of them without any help. Taylor just played with toys and wasn't very interested in what Carter was doing. I have some cute pictures of the kids in bunny ears that I will post soon.

Stone Ridge Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we attended our first community event- the annual Easter egg hunt. It was freezing cold but we had a great time. Taylor stayed bundled up in her car seat but enjoyed watching the kids run around. Carter was very excited about meeting the Easter Bunny!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Corinner the Marathon Runner

So on Saturday Corinne decided to be a super-human lady and ran a 10k down in Richmond with her good friend Jenn. I know 10k isn't quite a marathon, but hey, in my book, 10k is about 10k more than I've run since...oh, I don't know...ever! Although, I suppose I might run that far for a good movie & some microwave popcorn...but I can't be sure.

I brought Bob the Builder (a.k.a. "Carter") & the Princess (a.k.a. "Bay Tay") down to the finish line to try and capture the moment forever on video tape, but we missed her. Shucks. Well, at least we got a snapshot of her afterward.

Way to go Corinne! You're the woman!

Actually, I just have to say, it was really fun being back in Richmond for the morning. As much as we like the D.C. area, I think we both miss the small-town feel of Richmond and the friends we made there. Corinne was so happy I could swear I saw her crying in the car when we got close, although she'll probably deny that.

Monday, April 02, 2007

She's a Monster!

So I left Carter and Taylor sitting together on my bedroom floor this morning while I stepped into the bathroom for a minute. They were both busy with toys... I hear Carter say "I have a suprise for you Mommy". I immediately yell to him "what did you do?" I then come into the room and Carter says, "Surprise! Taylor is a monster girl!" Carter had drawn all over Tay's face with pen! The funny thing (besides her monster marks) was that she didn't even protest when he was doing it- if she had, I would have heard what was going on! What am I going to do with this crazy little man!

p.s. I could only get a good picture of one side of her face. There were plenty of ''monster marks" on the other side of her face and neck.

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Carter's class, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, ended a couple of weeks ago. On the last day of class his teachers threw a graduation party. Juice boxes and fruit snacks were given as treats. It was pretty hilarious to watch Carter chow down- we don't buy stuff like that for snacks so it was like having Halloween candy for him all over again. Ok- I'll admit I did buy juice boxes once when Carter's little friends were coming over. Anyway, here's a picture of the class as well (minus one camera shy little girl).

Visit from Skyler & Karli

We had a great Sunday afternoon last month when Skyler and Karli came to town. Carter just loved all of the attention! We hope they pick GW law school so we can see them more often!