Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a day

Since I have a birth that I will be attending this month, we needed to do a trial run for me and Tay... I wanted to see how she would do if I was gone for a long time. Since she won't take a bottle or drink from a sippy cup we thought we would do a test run through with Daddy home rather than leaving her for the first time with a stranger.

Well, I was gone for a total of 10 hours and she never once took a bottle or sippy cup with breast milk. She didn't really nap for Drew either. Grrr! I am not sure what we're going to do! Well, during my 10 hours "off" I went to a consignment sale and bought some puzzles and a game for Carter, and an outfit for Tay. I went to the health science library at Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church and did some research for some birth papers I am in the middle of writing. I drove all by myself on the capital beltway! And I went to Ikea. At Ikea I did some "window shopping" for storage ideas and priced out different options for preschool supplies.

Since Carter didn't get into the Freedom High School preschool for fall like we thought he would, I will probably have to do something at home. I am playing with the idea of turning our formal living area into a little preschool room for Carter and a handful of other kids. I am thinking of having the preschool twice a week with a field trip once a month. Right now I am just trying to price everything out and find a curriculum that I like. There are tons of free resources on the internet so I am sure I'll find something I like. And there is always the Joy school curriculum(which would be about $160 for internet access). Anyway, just one more project but at least this one will pay for itself. I feel like if I do something at home, I want to try to create the feeling of a real preschool as much as I can. I think of Carter's potty training experience- he was more than ready and I really tried hard at making it a positive and fun experience....and it was. So hopefully preschool will be the same.

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