Monday, March 19, 2007

So Small

Today we brought Tay in for her 9 month well baby. And once again I got a lecture from the pediatrician since Taylor has not had any of her shots. Maybe this summer, maybe never. We haven't decided.

Ok, so I started this post meaning to announce Tay's 9 month weight...15.3 lbs! She is in the 5th percentile for weight and height. Soooo small! Soooo cute!


one of us said...

What happened to the rest of this post? I liked it...and I can totally see your ears steaming as you're writing all of it!

TOTALLY miss you, Cori! SO wished we lived closer.

Jroo said...

Ya...where'd the rest of the post go? I think most people would find the number of children becoming autistic from vaccines quite shocking. The general mentality of most of the US is just to do whatever the doc says without questioning anything. Plus, my little girl doesn't need a vaccine for an STD when she's 9 months old. Put the rest of your post back...I liked it.