Monday, March 19, 2007

My Head is Going to Explode!

Ok, so I know it won't explode but there are just too many things I have to think about and do!

Here is my list of project or things I am currently doing, working on, or planning.

-Birthworks: finish, market, teach
-Doula stuff: paperwork, pick a program, apprentice, one mom due in April, monthly doula gatherings
-Carter: naps, patience, organize play groups, outings/fieldtrips, next class starting soon
-House: clean, laundry, paint, organize, clean some more
-Make money: buy and sell small items to make extra cash
-Taylor: needs to gain weight- 5th %, sleep through the night, nursing on demand
-Garden: plan and start garden- figure out what will grow in our soil, budget for supplies
-Exercise: 10k next week and I am not ready for it!
-Photography: learn more about my camera, class starts in 2 weeks, need to take more pictures of my kids! Tay doesn't even have a photo album yet!
-Trip to Boise: find affordable plane tickets so the kids and I can visit in July
-Homeschool: plan curriculum for Carter's preschool at home
-Spiritual stuff: scripture study, temple attendence (when Tay will take a bottle, grrr.), ward goal of reading Preach My Gospel, plan nursery lessons for Sundays, family home evenings
-Drew: support him with his work & church assignments, spend time with him, feed him (harder than you think!), plan finances together, ....

And the list keeps growing! I didn't include keep in touch with friends, be neighborly, plan family outings, serve the community, etc. I don't stress about most of the things on my list (but I probably should). The biggest problem is... by the time 8 pm rolls around I am just exhausted!

....and I only have 2 kids!


Lynette said...

Chin up! You make it look easy, if you ask me.

one of us said...

Can I say "I'm with you!" ? I can definitely understand a list like this.... And if either of us can get it done, it's you!!

Lisa and Brock said...

Whoa girl, you've sure got a full plate! If you end up finding a great deal on plane tickets to Boise let me know how you did it.