Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Corinne!!

For everyone who doesn't know, today is Corinne's birthday! She turns 22 today (I'll turn 23 in a few months - we're both FAR away from 30). So I wanted to give Cori a great big shout out and say Happy Birthday!

As everyone knows but no one wants to say to my face, I got VERY lucky by tricking Corinne into marrying me! She is by far the better half of this companionship. She brings a lot more maturity, all the adventure, and most of the sanity to our household. She does it all and still looks smokin' hot! Woo woo!

In honor of this celebration, a poem:

My dearest of dearest, the apple of my eye,
Your birthday's today, I cannot lie.
Your smiling face is a million dollars,
Even when Carter screams and hollars.
For when you're around, we're filled with joy,
We sing and dance, we drink some soy.
You love to learn and teach of birth,
Your beauty far exceeds this earth.
So on this day that you were borm,
We love and thank you, our hearts you warm.

We love you Corinne!

Drew, Carter, and BaaaaayTay


one of us said...

Awwhhhh....what a sweet birthday post. I was hoping for something today so that I could echo in and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORI!

You're a great girl, an awesome friend, a fabulous mother, etc. etc. etc......

I feel so blessed to have you in my life! Love ya!!

Corinne said...

Ok, I wish I was 22! Thanks for the poem Drewly- you're the best!

Lisa and Brock said...

One year older and wiser too! Happy Birthday my friend. I wish I was there to take you to lunch! Enjoy your special day!

Kimberly said...

Hope your birthday was fabulous! You look so cute with your kids :-) Love your haircut...