Saturday, March 10, 2007

Carter's First Talk in Primary

Last Sunday, Carter gave his first talk in Primary. The topic was "my faith in Jesus Christ grows when I know who he is". We practiced for two weeks having him repeat me. He even came up with much of the talk on his own. I would say "Jesus is____" and Carter would fill in the blank. My favorite line that he came up with was "Jesus is my helper". (I think Carter is ready for his mission!). I was with my nursery class when the time arrived so Drew got the special opportunity to help him. Drew said he did great! And several junior primary teachers found me in the hall afterwards to tell me how cute Carter was. Good thing I wasn't there afterall- I would have cried through the whole talk! Anyway, Carter stood at the little podium and held the microphone all by himself. He and Drew also held up pictures of Christ that went with the talk. Carter was completely uninhibited and even added his own thoughts impromtu about Jesus' birthday party we held on Christmas. Carter is just awesome! I wish I could have taken pictures :).

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Anonymous said...

We love this site. This is Grandma Holloway's first time to see your site and she loved it. Got a lot of fun and laughs out of it.