Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Corinne!!

For everyone who doesn't know, today is Corinne's birthday! She turns 22 today (I'll turn 23 in a few months - we're both FAR away from 30). So I wanted to give Cori a great big shout out and say Happy Birthday!

As everyone knows but no one wants to say to my face, I got VERY lucky by tricking Corinne into marrying me! She is by far the better half of this companionship. She brings a lot more maturity, all the adventure, and most of the sanity to our household. She does it all and still looks smokin' hot! Woo woo!

In honor of this celebration, a poem:

My dearest of dearest, the apple of my eye,
Your birthday's today, I cannot lie.
Your smiling face is a million dollars,
Even when Carter screams and hollars.
For when you're around, we're filled with joy,
We sing and dance, we drink some soy.
You love to learn and teach of birth,
Your beauty far exceeds this earth.
So on this day that you were borm,
We love and thank you, our hearts you warm.

We love you Corinne!

Drew, Carter, and BaaaaayTay

Thursday, March 29, 2007

He thinks he's so clever...

Here's a conversation that went on a few minutes ago while I checked my email....

Intro: Carter is jumping on our bed- throwing pillows, sheets, and clothes all over the floor....

Mom: Carter, stop jumping on my bed.
Carter: Ok, sorry.

Carter keeps jumping...

Mom: Carter stop jumping on my bed.
Carter: I am bouncing.
Mom: Stop bouncing, please.

Carter keeps jumping...

Mom: Carter stop jumping, you're making me grouchy!
Carter: I am hopping.
Mom: Stop hopping.

Carter starts bouncing from his feet to his bottom...

Mom: Carter!

Carter then runs out of the room.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Good news- Taylor is drinking from a sippy cup! This is a huge deal for me... she took a bottle until she was 6 months old...she got a cold and cut her two teeth and that was the end of bottles for her. A couple of weeks ago she teased us by sucking on a bottle a few times....but the next day she wasn't interested. But now she is really drinking from her sippy cup and some times if she is in her car seat she'll even hold it herself. Yahoo! Now I can go places (with out her) and not feel guilty :)!

More good news- I bought my plane tickets for Boise. Not so good news- how much I paid for them! And the flight to Boise is going to be terrible (long and bad connections)! Luckily, the flight home to Virginia is much more reasonable and not as long.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a day

Since I have a birth that I will be attending this month, we needed to do a trial run for me and Tay... I wanted to see how she would do if I was gone for a long time. Since she won't take a bottle or drink from a sippy cup we thought we would do a test run through with Daddy home rather than leaving her for the first time with a stranger.

Well, I was gone for a total of 10 hours and she never once took a bottle or sippy cup with breast milk. She didn't really nap for Drew either. Grrr! I am not sure what we're going to do! Well, during my 10 hours "off" I went to a consignment sale and bought some puzzles and a game for Carter, and an outfit for Tay. I went to the health science library at Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church and did some research for some birth papers I am in the middle of writing. I drove all by myself on the capital beltway! And I went to Ikea. At Ikea I did some "window shopping" for storage ideas and priced out different options for preschool supplies.

Since Carter didn't get into the Freedom High School preschool for fall like we thought he would, I will probably have to do something at home. I am playing with the idea of turning our formal living area into a little preschool room for Carter and a handful of other kids. I am thinking of having the preschool twice a week with a field trip once a month. Right now I am just trying to price everything out and find a curriculum that I like. There are tons of free resources on the internet so I am sure I'll find something I like. And there is always the Joy school curriculum(which would be about $160 for internet access). Anyway, just one more project but at least this one will pay for itself. I feel like if I do something at home, I want to try to create the feeling of a real preschool as much as I can. I think of Carter's potty training experience- he was more than ready and I really tried hard at making it a positive and fun experience....and it was. So hopefully preschool will be the same.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Crawling Update

This past week Taylor learned how to crawl.....backwards. It is so funny! She is still working on going forward. It is a little trickier I suppose.

So Small

Today we brought Tay in for her 9 month well baby. And once again I got a lecture from the pediatrician since Taylor has not had any of her shots. Maybe this summer, maybe never. We haven't decided.

Ok, so I started this post meaning to announce Tay's 9 month weight...15.3 lbs! She is in the 5th percentile for weight and height. Soooo small! Soooo cute!

My Head is Going to Explode!

Ok, so I know it won't explode but there are just too many things I have to think about and do!

Here is my list of project or things I am currently doing, working on, or planning.

-Birthworks: finish, market, teach
-Doula stuff: paperwork, pick a program, apprentice, one mom due in April, monthly doula gatherings
-Carter: naps, patience, organize play groups, outings/fieldtrips, next class starting soon
-House: clean, laundry, paint, organize, clean some more
-Make money: buy and sell small items to make extra cash
-Taylor: needs to gain weight- 5th %, sleep through the night, nursing on demand
-Garden: plan and start garden- figure out what will grow in our soil, budget for supplies
-Exercise: 10k next week and I am not ready for it!
-Photography: learn more about my camera, class starts in 2 weeks, need to take more pictures of my kids! Tay doesn't even have a photo album yet!
-Trip to Boise: find affordable plane tickets so the kids and I can visit in July
-Homeschool: plan curriculum for Carter's preschool at home
-Spiritual stuff: scripture study, temple attendence (when Tay will take a bottle, grrr.), ward goal of reading Preach My Gospel, plan nursery lessons for Sundays, family home evenings
-Drew: support him with his work & church assignments, spend time with him, feed him (harder than you think!), plan finances together, ....

And the list keeps growing! I didn't include keep in touch with friends, be neighborly, plan family outings, serve the community, etc. I don't stress about most of the things on my list (but I probably should). The biggest problem is... by the time 8 pm rolls around I am just exhausted!

....and I only have 2 kids!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

BYU Going to the Dance!

OK, alls I can say is, I have the Cougs in the Final 'bout you? Hey...Mason did it, and their colors are green and gold, for heaven's sake!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Carter's First Talk in Primary

Last Sunday, Carter gave his first talk in Primary. The topic was "my faith in Jesus Christ grows when I know who he is". We practiced for two weeks having him repeat me. He even came up with much of the talk on his own. I would say "Jesus is____" and Carter would fill in the blank. My favorite line that he came up with was "Jesus is my helper". (I think Carter is ready for his mission!). I was with my nursery class when the time arrived so Drew got the special opportunity to help him. Drew said he did great! And several junior primary teachers found me in the hall afterwards to tell me how cute Carter was. Good thing I wasn't there afterall- I would have cried through the whole talk! Anyway, Carter stood at the little podium and held the microphone all by himself. He and Drew also held up pictures of Christ that went with the talk. Carter was completely uninhibited and even added his own thoughts impromtu about Jesus' birthday party we held on Christmas. Carter is just awesome! I wish I could have taken pictures :).

Carter's Sister

Taylor is definetely Carter's little sister. She doesn't quite have the appetite that he did, but she sure is catching up quickly. Yum, yum!

Her hair finally stays down!

This is another photo taken in February. Of course Tay is even bigger now that it is March!

Our little 'Blue Eyes'

Hi- Ya!

Yes, our sweet little girl does have a fiesty side to her. She is already doing karate against the Hilton boys. I am sure this is what she's thinking... "Take that Carter! You're next Daddy!"

Friday, March 09, 2007

The things he says...

Mommy: "You are such a good boy."
Carter looks at me and says very seriously "No, I'm not."
Mommy: "Oh, are you a naughty boy?"
Carter: "No, I am a Man."