Sunday, February 25, 2007

Month of February

This has been a crazy month! We had a fun visit from aunt Lynette at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately her visit came when the kids were sick and we happen to give her the bug as well! We got a few things accomplished as far as the house goes and played a little bit too.

Taylor and Carter are all better but Taylor is still getting up all night. I think it is habit at this point- she got used to Mommy coming in and nursing her when she was sick. She is waking up at least 5 times a night and if I don't go to her, she'll cry for hours. I think her seperation anxiety is also playing a role as well. She pretty much likes to be glued to my hip when she is awake. I don't mind it unless Carter needs my attention. Carter. Hmm. Carter is starting to not take naps for me. I am so bummed! I am grateful that he has been a good napper until now but I am still convinced he needs the sleep. He wakes up around 5:30 am each day regardless of if he has a nap or not, or if he goes to bed early or not. GRRR. Can you tell that I am exhuasted! Carter has been soooo naughty lately! Drew and I are really frustrated with him. We know that he is mostly bored, tired, and wanting our attention. I am trying so hard to keep him busy, rested, and to be patient with him. Some days though I feel like a terrible mom. GRRR!

Well, it is a beautiful Sunday today. It is snowing big fluffy flakes of white. It reminds me of our days at BYU. Walking up to campus... everyone was happy, the freshman would build snowmen, snowflakes on our eyelashes. Those were the days! Anyway, our church meetings have been canceled so we are going out as a family to go on a walk in the snow. I totally feel like pulling Carter around the block on a sled (but we don't have one (grrr.))and having a nice chat about how Heavenly Father has created this beatiful earth we live on. Maybe I'll put him in the jogger and Drew can have Tay in the backpack. Anyway, enough of my ramblings! I'll post pictures soon.

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Lisa and Brock said...

I love reading your stories and updates! I can definitely relate to the exhaustion and sleep deprivation...although not even Marcus wakes up as often as 5 times a night right now and he's only 4 weeks old! I feel for you Corinne- hang in there!