Sunday, February 25, 2007

Month of February

This has been a crazy month! We had a fun visit from aunt Lynette at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately her visit came when the kids were sick and we happen to give her the bug as well! We got a few things accomplished as far as the house goes and played a little bit too.

Taylor and Carter are all better but Taylor is still getting up all night. I think it is habit at this point- she got used to Mommy coming in and nursing her when she was sick. She is waking up at least 5 times a night and if I don't go to her, she'll cry for hours. I think her seperation anxiety is also playing a role as well. She pretty much likes to be glued to my hip when she is awake. I don't mind it unless Carter needs my attention. Carter. Hmm. Carter is starting to not take naps for me. I am so bummed! I am grateful that he has been a good napper until now but I am still convinced he needs the sleep. He wakes up around 5:30 am each day regardless of if he has a nap or not, or if he goes to bed early or not. GRRR. Can you tell that I am exhuasted! Carter has been soooo naughty lately! Drew and I are really frustrated with him. We know that he is mostly bored, tired, and wanting our attention. I am trying so hard to keep him busy, rested, and to be patient with him. Some days though I feel like a terrible mom. GRRR!

Well, it is a beautiful Sunday today. It is snowing big fluffy flakes of white. It reminds me of our days at BYU. Walking up to campus... everyone was happy, the freshman would build snowmen, snowflakes on our eyelashes. Those were the days! Anyway, our church meetings have been canceled so we are going out as a family to go on a walk in the snow. I totally feel like pulling Carter around the block on a sled (but we don't have one (grrr.))and having a nice chat about how Heavenly Father has created this beatiful earth we live on. Maybe I'll put him in the jogger and Drew can have Tay in the backpack. Anyway, enough of my ramblings! I'll post pictures soon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh Dear

When I left to put Taylor down for a nap, Carter was busy coloring on the floor with his markers and pad of paper. When I returned (like 4 minutes later!) this is what I found....the second picture is right before I gave him a bath... he had even drawn on his tummy and back! When Drew saw it, he said, "Poor kid really does want to grow up to be like me...look...he drew a '2-pack' on his gut."

Here are close ups of his body art!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Almost there...

Taylor is trying soooo hard to crawl. It is so funny! She has been sitting well on her own now for a good month or so but she is ready for the next step- literally! I still think it will be mid March before she gets it but it makes me laugh watching her try. Funny, funny girl! She ends up going backwards most of the time or just gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back forth... like she is getting ready for a crawling race. When she finally masters it, we'll post a video clip for you all to enjoy.

Monday, February 12, 2007

He says such funny things...

The other day Carter was looking out the window on the way home from running errands. It was a very dark night and the moon was full and bright. Carter said, "Mom, a bird needs to fly up there and give the moon some diaper rash medicine." He was referring to craters on the moon, I suppose. What a clever idea though! I need to document all of the funny things he says.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

F-Files Letter February 2007

Dear Firl Family,

Here’s a quick update on our little family…

Carter: Carter is now a Sunbeam in Primary. It took a little bit of convincing that Primary would be a fun place to be but after a yummy pancake breakfast with his new class and a promise that he can talk into a microphone at church (ward primary presentation), he was sold! Carter is also taking a gym class at the local rec center. The name of the class is Tumbling Tumbleweeds… and even though there are 2 teachers for the 11 children, I think they should rename the class Hurricane of Tumbleweeds. It takes a lot of work on some days for the teachers to keep up with those active 3 year olds. I think even the mommies are ready for a nap when the class is over.

Taylor: Taylor is sick today. Poor girl! Actually, we are all sick with yucky colds but she is has it the worst. We can’t believe that she is already 7 months old. It seems time is flying faster than it did when Carter was this age. Tay is such a joy. Her favorites these days are: her pacifier, her pink slinky, her mommy’s hip, mashed bananas, avocadoes, and home made summer squash. She’s growing up!

Drew: Drew is just a busy man. He is enjoying his job and doing “manly” home improvement projects on the house. It is super cold here in Virginia so we have had to put a stop to painting the garage until it warms up again, but that is our most recent little project. Drew is quickly acquiring more callings and assignments at church. He is the ward co-organist, a committee chair for the elders quorum (it is pretty much the equivalent to compassionate service leader but for the men) and young men’s secretary…oh, and he is already starting to be asked to accompany people for special musical numbers. My goodness! In addition to his busy work and church commitments, he continues to be an attentive and wonderful husband and daddy.

Corinne: We’ve been in the house for 3 months now but I still feel like I am unpacking a little bit each day. There are days when I ache for “home” in Richmond, but I am really starting to enjoy living in northern Virginia. I am having fun exploring with the kids and look forward to the spring time when we can really get out and see the sights. I am slowly getting involved in the birth community in northern Virginia, as well. I have joined several organizations and may have the opportunity to be a doula apprentice at a birth in April. I seriously considered going back to school to become a midwife. I even met with college counselors at a couple of local universities, but I think that is for another chapter in my life, perhaps when my children are grown. For now I will continue to find joy in helping families have empowering and positive birth experiences in ways other than catching babies.

That is us in a nutshell. One of our goals this year is to do a better job of sharing family stories and pictures with everyone. To do that, I created a simple blog that our loved ones can go to for updates ( Maybe one of these days I’ll have the time to learn html and create an actual family website, but for now the blog will have to do. Feel free to check it out and look at the pictures of our beautiful children. J We hope you are all staying warm this winter season. We think of you often, especially you parents of new little babies. It is such a wonderful time in our lives, isn’t it?!

Loves to everyone,

Corinne, Drew, Carter & Taylor Hilton


You are so in trouble Drew! I am going to get you.... when you least expect it.... I'll be there...with my super duper camera. Say Cheese!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sickness Settles In

Well, here we are in the beginning of February, and after a good long fight, we're no longer able to escape the wrath of the cold & flu season. Bay Tay has gotten hit the hardest by far, but Cori and the Bug have also had a lot of the symptoms. As you can see from these pics (check out the close-ups), Tay's runny nosey is non-stop, and Corinne...well...Corinne I'm not exactly sure what happened to here. Must be some Idaho thing.