Monday, January 01, 2007

Yum Yum

Taylor had her first rice cereal a few days ago. She isn't a huge fan of the flavor but had fun finger painting with it on her tray. We actually had to stop feeding her cereal as she broke out in a rash after her third feeding. We will try a good ol' veggie in a few days when her digestive track is normal again.


grandma rhonda said...

Taylor looks mesmerized by something. I hope that she is going to like her vegetables. I'm looking forward to coming to see her. She is looking more and more like Mommy every day.

Lisa said...

Hello Hiltons,

Thanks for sharing your blog with us! I love to see updated pictures of your adorable family Corinne! Isn't Christmastime fun with little ones?!


P.s We've just started a blog recently's not much but you can check it out: