Sunday, January 28, 2007

They are growing too fast!

Our little Tay isn't so little anymore. In the past month she has really become a little chunk. She is just a rolley polley little sweetheart. I am sure she'll either be crawling or close to crawling by March. She still has just a small appetite for baby food but her 3 favorites are avocado, bananas, and summer squash. We are staying away from grains and sticking to home made fixin's. Yum, yum!

Carter just is a little talker. He is constantly telling strangers that it is his birthday. I guess he just lives for celebrations! He is taking a toddler gym class called Tumbling Tumbleweeds and loves it. He also loves being a Sunbeam at church. However, the last two Sundays he has been punched in the stomach and face by another little boy. Luckily the little boy was removed from class each time but Carter is starting to hit back. In some ways we are glad that he is sticking up for himself but we really hope he isn't learning bad behavior that is going to get him in trouble in the future. Who knows!

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Grandma Rhonda said...

Terry's comments for Tay: I totaly agree, please don't cook it.
I just love these updates and pictures. I am shocked that any little boy would hit Carter. I am glad they removed him from class. I am glad that he is sticking up for himself, but . . . now the fun begins! Good luck and happy adventures parenting!!!!