Sunday, January 28, 2007

They are growing too fast!

Our little Tay isn't so little anymore. In the past month she has really become a little chunk. She is just a rolley polley little sweetheart. I am sure she'll either be crawling or close to crawling by March. She still has just a small appetite for baby food but her 3 favorites are avocado, bananas, and summer squash. We are staying away from grains and sticking to home made fixin's. Yum, yum!

Carter just is a little talker. He is constantly telling strangers that it is his birthday. I guess he just lives for celebrations! He is taking a toddler gym class called Tumbling Tumbleweeds and loves it. He also loves being a Sunbeam at church. However, the last two Sundays he has been punched in the stomach and face by another little boy. Luckily the little boy was removed from class each time but Carter is starting to hit back. In some ways we are glad that he is sticking up for himself but we really hope he isn't learning bad behavior that is going to get him in trouble in the future. Who knows!

My Girl

I love my Taylor!

Going for a Ride

We love our hiking back pack! It is a must have for all adventurous parents. I think we have Tay buckled in the hiker at least once a day for some reason or another. Here she is on Drew's back while he shoveled snow.

Mommy, Tay, & Carter

Our House

Ok, so I know you have all been asking us to post some pictures... so here is one. Please excuse the mess in the garage...we are in the middle of painting the garage walls. Also, the angle isn't very good but you get the point.

Let It Snow

It finally snowed! Our first snow came last Sunday night. The first thing Carter did when he woke up was come tell us that he needed to shovel (it sounded more like shubel). We all went out as a family and got right to work. It was so much fun!

Friday, January 19, 2007

A New Author

Drew recently decided to join in the fun on our family blog...hence some of the changes. So fun to find you here sweetheart...I can't wait to see your contributing posts in the future!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Polish Proverb

Do not push the river, it will flow by itself.

I think this proverb is the only way to describe parenting a 3 year old!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ooooooh Tay!

She kept pulling on the strings of her other hat so I put this one on her instead. We met one of our neighbors from Afghanistan the other day... she kept saying Tay looked like a little doll. I would have to agree with her!

All Bundled Up

Funny Hair

Taylor's hair makes us laugh. It is very blond and fluffy and sticks straight up! The only way (and I have tried several) that I have found to make it stay down is to put baby oil on her scalp after a bath.

Mr. Grouch

Since we don't have church until 12:3o pm now, Carter doesn't get his afternoon nap. Usually by 6 pm he is a complete disaster. On this particular Sunday, Carter was upset with us because it was time to take his new church clothes off and put on jammies. I was able to get a picture of Taylor's reaction to Carter's tantrum. Hilarious!

Carter & Tay on a Sunday

Graduation from Nursery

Carter has graduated from nursery and is now a Sunbeam! Last week was his first Sunday in Primary...what a big boy! We bought him a new outfit for church, kind of a graduation from nursery gift... he looked spiffy. He is one of 180 children in the Brambleton Ward Primary. He got to meet his Sunbeam teacher at a pancake breakfast the day before (pancakes are his favorite!), so the transition was easy. I just about cried my head off though when I dropped him off in the primary room. I am such a sap!

Pretty in Pink

"Worker Man"

Carter loves putting toys places where toys don't usually go. I kept finding his "worker man" as (Carter calls him) in the pocket of the Christmas calendar. I would always put the little construction man away when picking up toys but each day there he would be ... day 22!

I like these pictures...

I caught one picture right before a sneeze! Isn't Tay adorable! Of course I think so... I am her Mom!

More Teeth...

Taylor is teething again! I can't figure out where they are coming in yet but she is a slobber factory. Her favorite teething toy is the top of the sippy that Carter gave her for Christmas. Funny girl!

My Little Preschooler

He is not technically in preschool yet but some days he is bored out of his mind! So Corinne recently put together a "project" box for him. Every couple of days he gets to pick something dough, finger painting, a craft, etc. He loves it! Our sliding glass door in the kitchen is plastered with his art work.

Carter's Christmas Tree

This year we cut down our own tree for Christmas. This cute little Christmas tree farm is just 2 minutes around the corner from us (sadly the land has been sold for development so this was its last year). We got a cute little one, 4 feet tall. A few weeks before we had the chance to get our family tree, Carter was anxious to decorate one. We pulled out our small fake tree and let Carter go to work (well, Mommy helped with the lights). He was very proud of the work he did. One day he came to me and told me that his tree needed a star. He was right! So...he helped me trace a star on yellow construction paper and he taped it on the highest branch. Way to go, Carter!

Ta Da

This is a favorite trick Drew likes to do with our children. When he would balance Carter on his hand, I would follow him around "just in case" Carter fell. Now that he balances Tay...I just follow them around to take pictures!

Happy Girl

Many of you may think that Taylor doesn't smile because she is such a mellow girl. But in fact, she is actually quite the character- a very happy one too! We are so thankful that she has a happy personality. Say cheese Tay!

Friends Come to Town

The week after Christmas we had some friends come visit us. We had so much fun with Leslie, Joe, and Gracie! They live in Rexburg Idaho now so we don't have a chance to see them as often as we would like. Come visit us again you guys!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Yum Yum

Taylor had her first rice cereal a few days ago. She isn't a huge fan of the flavor but had fun finger painting with it on her tray. We actually had to stop feeding her cereal as she broke out in a rash after her third feeding. We will try a good ol' veggie in a few days when her digestive track is normal again.

Playing a little ditty

Carter and Drew had fun on Christmas morning playing our new (used) digital piano. Drew actually got it a few weeks ago (got to love craigslist!). He got a new pair of headphones from Mrs. Claus for Christmas so now Carter can listen in on the old ones while Daddy plays. Drew loves to play all night with his headphones on while the kids sleep.

Christmas Morning (6 am!)

Sweet Taylor

Here is our cutie pie in her Christmas dress. She pretty much has the same expression in every picture. She cracks us up!

Making Cookies for Santa

Carter loves to make cookies! It is usually a disaster zone after we are done but isn't that what being 3 is all about? After church on Christmas Eve, Drew and Carter got right to work baking sugar cookies for Santa to eat. Yummy!