Monday, December 18, 2006

September Family Letter

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to post a family letter and let every one know what has been happening with us. The first news is that we have a house! We close on a townhouse in Aldie Virginia at the end of October. Yahoo! I think Drew and I have decided that we are great at house hunting but terrible at house deciding. Drew found us a beautiful investment property at a great price. It was built this year and we will be its first owners- we even get to pick our carpet J. Overall, we are excited as well as relieved that the house buying process is over for a few years.

Drew has been working now for a couple of weeks and is enjoying it. I am not quite sure what he does each day but work is work- so good job Drew! Carter, Taylor and I are keeping down the fort in Richmond each week. Drew either comes home on the weekend or I take the kids up to northern Virginia for quick visits. I have begun the packing process as our lease is up in 2 weeks. I am not quite sure where the kids and I will be living until we can be in the house but I’ll keep you posted.

Carter and Taylor are doing great. They are just both so adorable. Carter can be quite the chatter box and is constantly asking to play outside. He loves rocks and dirt and everything else that can get him dirty. Taylor is still just as sweet as ever and has become a very smiley baby. She loves attention and will coo and “talk” until she is tired. We love her “look at me” squeals and her bright blue eyes. Drew and I are so blessed to have had another very happy and social baby.

In August we spent two weeks in Boise and it was a very interesting trip. The third night we where there (our anniversary night) Drew ended up in the emergency room. He had 3 kidney stones! Two passed and we are waiting on the third. Needless to say our trip wasn’t a vacation for him as he was “out” on pain meds most of the time. He didn’t perk up until a couple of days before we left. But even though he didn’t feel well, it was fun to spend time with family. I think everyone was pretty excited to meet Taylor and to see how Carter had grown since last summer.

Well, that is what we’ve been up to. We look forward to another beautiful fall in Virginia. It is perhaps my favorite time of year here.

We love you all!

Corinne, Drew, Carter & Taylor

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